Elvis Birthday Tribute Artist Spectacular

The Blackwood Quartet
Mark Blackwood carries on the legacy of the Blackwood Brothers through the Blackwood Quartet. Their legacy started in 1934 in Choctaw County, MS. They were the 1st gospel group to sell 1 million records and are eight time Grammy award winners. They are also inducted into the “Gospel Music Hall of Fame”

Former members of
JD Summer and the STAMPS QUARTET

Donnie Sumner became the lead vocalist and arranger for J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet in 1965. He continued in this position for nearly eight years. During the last three years of Donnie's service with JD Sumner and The Stamps, he worked with Elvis Presley. Donnie can be seen in the television special Aloha From Hawaii, and the documentary Elvis On Tour, in which he was featured on the gospel song "The Lighthouse". In 1972 Donnie left the Stamps Quartet and organized his own group, which was to become known as The Voice. They were asked by Elvis to become part of his entourage in 1973. The Voice was the opening act on all Elvis' personal appearances as well as part of the vocal ensemble performing all of his stage back-up vocals. Donnie performed with Elvis until late 1976.

Ed Hill was a former member of The Prophets Quartet, one of America's most respected Gospel quartets, was asked by J.D. Sumner of the Stamps Quartet to manage his talent agency and music companies. In 1973 he was asked to sing baritone temporarily until a permanent voice could be acquired. "Temporarily" lengthened into 5 years of fulltime service with the Stamps Quartet and with the late Elvis Presley.

Bill Baize is one of the most dynamic evangelists in America today, has been called "one of the greatest tenor singers of our day". The late Elvis Presley once said of Bill "... He has one of the most splendid voices in the world". He sang tenor for the Echoes of Calvary, The Illinoisans, the Trailsmen, and the Smitty Gatlin Trio from 1966 to 1967. In 1971, Bill joined the Stamps Quartet to sing with Elvis Presley. He left the group in 1976.

Larry Strickland spent 4 years in the military in the early seventies and then worked with for the State of North Carolina and traveled and sang with a Gospel quartet on the weekends. Larry was then hired by JD Sumner & The Stamps Quartet in 1973. He continued in this position until Elvis passed away in 1977 and remained with the Stamps until 1979. His voice can be heard in many of Elvis' recordings such as Moody Blue on Live From Elvis Presley Blvd.

The Award Winning Elvis Tribute Orchestra
An 11 piece show band featuring The Fabulous Ambassadors. Directed by Danny Lentino


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